Judith Arnopp
Historical Fiction Author

Historical Fiction by Judith Arnopp

Welcome to my website where you will find information about my historical novels and latest projects. I live on the coast of West Wales with my husband, John and our naughty Jack Russell, Bryn.

My greatest loves have always been writing and history. Since I was small I have had a book in one hand and a pen in the other. These days I am able to write the sort of books that I love to read. Historical settings with a strong female lead. 

One of the great tragedies of history is that women weren't given sufficient space on the record. This has caused women to be under-represented and, in my opinion, often incorrectly categorised as either compliant or evil, depending on the opinion of the chronicler. Even the names and faces of the Tudor age with whom we are familiar have left very little personal information. If you closely examine the portraits of Henry VIII’s queens, they reveal very little personality. It is my job to peel off their jewels and sumptuous clothing to illustrate the possible workings of their minds.

My collection of Tudor novels will take you inside the minds of women like Elizabeth of York, Anne Boleyn, Katheryn Parr, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and even expose the private thoughts and opinions of a prostitute from Southwark. I am currently working on a trilogy tracing the life of Margaret Beaufort, the mother of the Tudor Dynasty. Book One, The Beaufort Bride is available now and Book Two, The Beaufort Woman will be published soon. Book three to follow.

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